Come visit our cafe and roastery in the North Park Hill neighborhood in Denver!

5225 E 38th Ave

Denver, CO 80207

Roastery and Cafe Hours

M-F 7am-2pm

Saturday 8am-3pm

Sunday 9am-2pm


Commonwealth Coffee Roasters was founded by Jason Farrar and Ryan Fisher in the Fall of 2013. We believe that amazing coffee deserves to be shared, and to that end we strive to serve people with genuine community and outstanding coffee. We love beautiful tasting cups of coffee and properly extracted, sweet espresso, but we love sharing them with people more. We called ourselves Commonwealth Coffee for a reason. We believe that an amazing cup of coffee requires an amazing experience for the customer.

Everything we do is built around living out an ethic of valuing the people we work with and who honor our shop with their business. We believe that customer service ought to match the quality of the product. Everyone who comes to Commonwealth Coffee is an insider from the very beginning. “This is more than mere agreement or harmony; it is a real unity of them all. They are unified in that they constitute one single person, created through a covenant of every man with every other man...” (Hobbes, Leviathan - emphasis added).

Our goal is to roast every coffee we sell to its fullest potential, leaving no room for preconceived notions and biases. Every roaster has a ‘perspective’ on coffee, and you could say that we look for sweetness and fully developed flavors in the cup.